Casting Call for Dancers


A drum and bass ballet, choreographed by yours truly, is calling strong dancers who learn quickly and add a personal touch to movement to come and audition/perform with the rest of the cast.

The Story
The story is about a girl named Satya who comes from a culture that is half dove and half human called the Quills.  Satya is conditioned to believe that she, like her fellow creatures are earthbound, living on a plateau called the Wasteland because the authorities that be called the Avarices clip the wings of these creatures at birth to use the power and magic of the wings for personal gain without them ever knowing that they have wings or the ability to fly.  Satya, however, a rebel by nature, intuits in her body that she can fly and does not give up on the instinct.  While this belief is completely scorned and punished in her culture, she remains encouraged along the way to pursue her own flight by a few friends along the way – a tree named Anna, a rock named Lazuli and a dove named Grace to name a few.  She enters a dream state where she experiences flight, freedom and liberation from the confinements of the society from which she comes.  Inspired by her dream and by her conviction, she attempts to confront the Avarices of her knowledge of flight, however, they decide her to be a threat to their power and throw her in a cave to die.  In her solitude, she finally comes to accept death as in inevitability thus ending the pain and suffering of her slow death.  In this moment of her realization, Grace the Dove appears to tell her that the dream was not a dream, that she has reached enlightenment by accepting her solitude and death, and that she will now by able to fly forever, whenever she wants, free from the control of the Avarices.  Satya returns to the Quills and to the Wasteland with her wings in full expansion to defeat the Avarices from their corruption, to reveal the truth of the nature of their existence and to heal and teach the rest of the Quills to fly.


  • Quills – modern dancers who are comfortable with floor work
  • Avarices – strong dancers (ballet technique a plus) who learn quickly and add personal touch

Time Commitments

    Tuesdays 6-8pm Rehearsal at the Dance Complex
    Saturdays 4-7pm Rehearsal at Green Street Studios
    Sunday Jan 22nd 1:30-3pm Showing
    Sunday Feb 5th 1:30-3pm Showing
    Friday Feb 24th All Day Tech, Dress, Concert
    Saturday Feb 25th Concert

Please email with your dance background and contact info asap.  You will be a paid a modest portion.

Thank you!

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