It’s FAIRYTALE TIME.  Let’s get to the point.  In this fairytale, there are 3 main groups of characters:

QUILLS – half-human, half-birds, but don’t know they are birds.  Satya, the main character, finds her way to her wings and returns to shed light to her fellow Quills.

SINNERS – fallen angel types that clip the wings of the Quills at birth to use for personal gain for their magical powers.

GUARDIANS – the guardians who have transcended the earthly plane and have returned to aid the Quills in their battle to fight the avarices


QUILLS – no prior training necessary, just the will to move your body.  Partnering experience a plus.

SINNERS – sharp technique, sharp attitude required, ability to pick up choreography to set counts and music is great!

GUARDIANS – the will to improvise and partner a must!  technique helps, but not mandatory.

Be a part of the creative process of this fairytale and help me bring it to life!  I have some set costumes and choreography already.  Feel free to ask me more questions along the way.

Showings (among others) –

Friday, February 22nd – Third Life Studio Choreographer Series

June 2013 – 1000 Virtues Dance Debut Concert


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