Seeking dancers for commercial video shoot for TUES 1/22


I am writing because I have been asked to look for 2-3 males and 2-3 females for a commercial video shoot by Thunder Sky Pictures .  This is what the company wants from you:

*You can conform to a “business look” (no dreads, tattoos, colored hair)
*You are available to meet with the Thunder Sky Pictures for a very brief audition near Central Square at some point on Mon, Tues or Wed of next week.
*You are available Tuesday, Januardy 22nd for 2-4 hours between 10am and 2pm for the shoot. Basically, you have to be available for a minimum of 2 hours, and we’ll schedule you accordingly in advance.
*Owning your own business attire would be helpful (a suit, blazer, fedora, briefcase). Let me know what you already own.
*You are able to pick up basic pedestrian moves like the ones in the following videos, as well as some modern dance movements from these video links –
You will get paid per hour for a minimum commitment of 2 hours, roughly $35/hour.  
Please respond to no later than Sunday, January 13th at 9pm.

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