And the inspiration is exploding…

Thank you so much for — SO MUCH!  Those of you that made Movement Lab last night made it great, so take a moment to thank yourself for showing up and moving your asses.  All that life force shaking around the studio was exhilarating for me, and I think for all of you too.  We were definitely feeling something powerful in there last night.

Here’s the thing.  I used to teach this class at Green Street Studios on Monday nights, but rent costs money, money that comes from people like you who want to keep this going.  SOOOOO, “Open Space” (see class description) is a FREE and OPEN SPACE for you to try out all the moving fun that I want to bring to the space.  It’s structured improvisation with your breath, your body, the floor, the space, ideas, stories, images, sounds, partnering fun, choreography….. Every Tuesdays from 6-7:30 (with 1 exception so stay tuned to the blog for updates) in studio 1 at The Dance Complex until the last Tuesday in February.

Open Space / Movement Lab at the Dance Complex can continue after February if YOU ALL EXPRESS TO ME WITH YOUR WORDS AND YOUR MONEY COMMITMENTS THAT WE WILL CONTINUE.  I ask for enough funds to cover the rent and would love any and all extra fun AND funds.  If you want to keep this going, TELL ME.  

Ways to tell me:

  1. Email me @ or
  2. Call or text me @ 617-599-5880
  3. Tell me in person you want to continue this weekly thing


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