The following is the list of people I would like to thank for devoting their time, energy and love to my classes, rehearsal, and most significantly, my creative process.  I don’t have the words to adequately tell you how much it means to me that you’ve all been so supportive and engaged in my wild imagination.  Please accept this as a beginning of my thank you.

  • Lisa Palumbo.  5, 6, 7, 8.
  • Sasha M. Krumholz-Lynn.  “You know what to do.”
  • Marinda Snow Righter.  Guardian of LOVE.
  • Shanfan Huang.  Your incomparable spirit.
  • Leah Riklin.  Always move from your core.
  • Mehron Kugler.  What a pleasure.
  • Reid Ginoza.  the fluidity.
  • Caitlin Ewing.  what a gem!
  • Rose Fieschko.  miss you.
  • Wendy Jehlen.  with great humility and honor.
  • Katerine Gagnon. i feel like i have another brain, and a french-speaking one no less!
  • Katie McGrail.  peace.
  • Ashley Murray.  always like floating on clouds
  • Molly Schwartz.  how could you not want a cookie!
  • Molly Hess.  for your help.
  • Anna Reyes.  fearless on the dance floor.
  • Sindy Katrotic.  this is only the beginning.
  • Dinah Deville.  ssssswaggerin.
  • Whitney Hoke.  born to dance.
  • Kevin Lewis Lester Jr.  Get your own string quartet.
  • Penelope Candice.  ssssssss……..
  • Lily Appel.  meow!


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