The Pillow Men Debut


For over two years, this project has been in the works behind closed doors, only doing small performances the past two months. But now, we bring you a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME opportunity to experience The Pillow Men while being a part of the creative process!!

The Oberon Theatre’s unique layout provides a haven for interactive theater allowing the audience to be immersed into the world of dreams. As we are gearing up for our full run later this year, there will be a short survey to be filled out at the end of the show where we want to hear what you think of the experience!

So please, let your minds wander on February 2, 2016, and see where your subconsious takes you as The Pillow Men weave a dynamic spectacle of psychedelic music with abstract theatrics for your soul’s enlightening.

Buy tickets here:

For more information on The Pillow Men, visit

Thank you. We look forward to this night, and hope you do too.

Dan Barrenechea – Guitar, Charango, Vocals
Ian Hayes – Percussion, Drum Set, Guitar, Vocals
Steve Harding – Synth, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Kramer Gibson – Drum Set, Percussion, Trumpet, Piano, Vocals
John Tyler Kent – Chapman Stick, Vocals

Chienhwe – Dancer

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