Introducing Sacred Temple 

I’m really happy to announce that after a much needed hiatus from teaching, feeling drained and lacking clarity, I am resurfacing into the world feeling bright and clear about my purpose in the world.

With the help of a few unexpected catalysts, I have unified my experience, passion, purpose and love of conscious movement expression and spiritual disciplines into one entity called Sacred Temple.

It is a seed that was planted into my consciousness a few years ago, and much like bamboo, took a bit of time to incubate in its roots before making an appearance in the world.

Sacred Temple is the unified entity of my experience as a master teacher in movement and dance (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, The Ailey School/Fordham University), my studies in the martial and healing arts (Tai-Chi at the Beijing Institute of Technology Cultural Institute, Southern Shaolin Kung-fu from the USA Shaolin Temple, Om Yoga Center certified, Ana Forrest Teacher Training Foundation) and my passion for ancient wisdom and spirituality (Buddhism, Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Mystery School and more) as essential tools for awakening, growth and divine expression.

Training is in three tiers: Warrior Roots, Jedi Vessel and Ninja Lotus. Training includes the practice and mastery of chi (breath, spirit, life force, prana), understanding the body as both a vessel and instrument and conditioning the mind body spirit through intensive movement training into integrated expression, and ultimately into your divine artistry.

Training is private, highly focused on the individual and designed to meet you exactly where you are in order to move you forward. I’m really looking forward to working with my very first Sacred Temple student on his journey. If you’re a willing soul interested in taking this journey into your divine artistry, please feel free to message me for a mini introductory session.


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