Transparent – SAT 4/8 @ Warehouse XI

Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment does it again with its melting pot of live musicians, dancers, poets, singers, painters, projectors, lighting designers and more that come together to make work for you to watch and/or participate in.

Tabula Rasa is an open experiment in improvisational performance at a spacious but welcoming warehouse in Union Square, Somerville called Warehouse XI. Located right behind Journeyman restaurant in the alley between the Independent and Bronwyn’s restaurants, Warehouse XI is a recently converted warehouse with a rough hewn quality and inspiring size in a city and square typically crunched for space. In Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiments, artists enter the stage-lit space without preconceptions or plans and perform pieces as they are created, in real time. They feed off one another and create moments that are both strange and universal. Musicians in the audience are invited to bring their instruments, dancers their jazz shoes, photographers their cameras and artists their sketchbooks, and all are invited to join in the performance during the second half of the show. 

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From Apocalypso – Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment January 2017

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