Conan O’Brien said, “If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

GUESS WHAT. Amazing things are happening. I wanted you to be the first to know how to get involved or stay in the loop with the local and international art adventuring and  happenings.

The Lawn on D – D Street Dance Bash | Saturday, August 12th 1-11pm | Free
A free event open to the public all day! I’ve been commissioned to create and perform an original work on the glow in the dark swings at sundown. When I realized that I was getting sought out and paid to dance on glow in the dark swings, I realized that my life is going in the exact direction that I had always dreamed of. Paid to play. I’m thankful, and also excited to share this day with several other local and international talent – salsa dancing, classical Indian dance for kids, Street Hype plus a very big appearance from Retourment, dancers from France who will take your breath away with their aerial talents!

RSVP for D Street Dance Bash here

Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment | September 2017 | Ticket Coming Soon
…is coming to Warehouse XI again in September. If you haven’t been, you won’t be sorry carving out a saturday night to check out this hidden gem. Catherine Musinsky gathers a multidisciplinary team of dancers, movers, musicians, singers, poets, painters, lighting designers and more in this melting pot of communing through art expression. Even if you don’t understand what you see, your night will be better because of witnessing Tabula Rasa.

EXACT DATE COMING SOON – Follow Tabula Rasa here

IUGTE – Golden Oasis Arts Residency, Tuscany, Italy | October 2017

MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL DANCE RESIDENCY. I’m over the moon to share that I’ve been accept and offered a scholarship for this residency in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, Italy at the end of October 2017! I’ll retreat to a monastery, practice tai-chi with other international performing artists in the morning, learn new skills, refine old techniques, share space with art makers, and unleash a deep part of my core expression as a dancer, mover, performing artist and dance maker. I’m very excited to expand my horizons and to come back and share what I have learned with you all!

Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment September 2016
Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment September 2016

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