Book M3


M1 – Spirit Doula Martial Arts

Personal development coaching based on the martial arts principle of "qi," that includes ancient to modern teachings, trainings, healings and readings to facilitate living from your higher self.


“Chien is a healer of a different league. Through her endless knowledge and years of experience,  she is able to read bodies in a very special way. She is powerful, intuitive, patient and compassionate. I believe we all need a guide like this at some point in our lifetime.” – Sila A.


M2 – Marvel of Musical Arts

Private coaching for Amateur to Advanced students of the magic of music theory with the Piano. The practice and mastery of music theory helps develop critical thinking and self-esteem, engages left and right brain, builds and strengthens connections between brain cells, nourishes the learning process that includes sensory integration, attention and focus, emotional maturity, motor capacities and improves memory.


“Master your instrument, master your voice, then forget about all that and just play.” – Charlie Parker


M3 – 1ooo Virtues Movement Arts

Hire Chienhwe (aka 1ooo virtues) for a never been done before, original and spontaneous “in the zone” dance performance.


“I am vessel using the tools I have been given in the space that lies before me expressing the information passing through me.” – Chienhwe