Dance Teacher

Full of wild, pure WILD joy.” -Katerine

An energetic, motivating, creative, playful and inspirational teacher.” -Island Dance of Hong Kong

“Chien-Hwe is a supportive and welcoming teacher and leader, and she guides that level of honesty out of me in ways that other teachers would not, allowing me to be comfortable with this new exploration.”  – Molly Schwartz

You really opened my eyes to another side of dance.” – Emma

You let us go crazy, you let us show our individuality, your choreography was truly unique and amazing.” – Jess

Movement lab is the best exercise class because we do vigorous stuff, relaxing stuff, stretching stuff – but all feel like fun and game instead of work.” – Emily

You were one of the most helpful and caring teachers Island Dance has ever seen.”  – Jessica

Chien-Hwe has the ability to adjust to the level of each student taking the class and to develop a valuable experience for everyone in the class”.  – Mae Paillet

You taught us how to get out of our comfort zone.  You used a lot of moves I have never seen before.  You’re an amazing choreographer!  AND you should really really come back!”  – Disha

“I am 100% supportive of this opportunity, and would be a regular participant. I’ve found it’s hard to find improv opportunities that get dancers to “that place”, and Chien Hwe, your teaching does this for me more easily than any other improv instruction I’ve experienced!”  – Katherine A.

Thank you for spending extra time to help me before the show and helping me find confidence!” – Cassie


Photo by Shanfan Huang