“When I first had a session with Chienhwe, I was heart broken.  I needed some serious self love and confidence.  The transformation of my emotions from the start of the session to walking out of the studio were unbelievable!  I felt strong and self assured, yoga makes me feel confident and peaceful.  I immediately noticed that Chienhwe’s session specifically did more for me than the other classes I was attending at the time. And after some private sessions I continued to feel better and better in many ways.  The physical results  (I immediately noticed my core muscles get tighter and stronger after 2 classes) are a bonus to the amazing mind and heart healing powers of Chienhwe’s sessions.  She has taught me how important and life changing connecting to my breath is and I am so very thankful for her!!” – Michellle Tusini, student


photo by Rod Harris Photography

INTUITIVE HEALER |  A certified yoga teacher from OM Yoga Center of NYC, Forrest Teacher Training Foundation, Restful Yoga with a martial arts foundation in tai-chi and Shaolin Kung-Fu, Chienhwe brings her super human powers of intuition to hone in on the student/client to facilitate deep, transformative healing from within as a non-judgmental guide and witness as well as the advanced spiritual training as an adept initiate of the Modern Mystery School.

“I  feel a deeper connection with my source of love that  could only come from within and feel a deeper love for others as well as my self also, accepting the truth.  I felt so good after taking one yoga class with Chienhwe I immediately signed up for her program. There was such a wonderful connection with Chienhwe, she is more than a yoga instructor or friend but an Angel with a wonderful gift…..She has to be, after all it’s like stepping off a cloud after she works with you!” – Linda Holt age 41

MASTER TEACHER | Over the years, Chienhwe has reached thousands of students ranging from toddlers to elders in the disciplines of movement, healing and performing arts.  The key to Chienhwe’s work is focus on exactly what the student needs next in order to advance growth, learning and transformation.  The process is profound and inspiring.

“Over the past 10 years, I have taken many classes and have had diverse learning experiences, many of them mediocre and a few of them great.  Carol Hong stands out as one of the best teachers I’ve practiced with, and has inspired me to stay with Yoga.  I would recommend her as a teacher in group classes or private sessions, to anyone looking for a great workout, a strengthened self-image and even deep transformation.  I wish I could take a class with her tomorrow.” – Shaun Sellers, private client