b3e9dbf29e7b4e460d34c48322a8ca0f Intuitive Reading | An energetic scan + reading of the bodies (M, E, P, S)*

b3e9dbf29e7b4e460d34c48322a8ca0f Performance | Trained dancer + Story-teller

b3e9dbf29e7b4e460d34c48322a8ca0f Master Class | International Master Teacher of dance + yoga

b3e9dbf29e7b4e460d34c48322a8ca0f Private Session | Individualized laser focus on your exact needs

b3e9dbf29e7b4e460d34c48322a8ca0f Sacred Temple Series – Souldier Seed (5 sessions) | Basic disciplines instruction

b3e9dbf29e7b4e460d34c48322a8ca0f Sacred Temple Series – Warrior Roots (10 sessions) | Deepen your practice

b3e9dbf29e7b4e460d34c48322a8ca0f Sacred Temple Series – Ninja Lotus (15 sessions) | Embodiment + Integration

b3e9dbf29e7b4e460d34c48322a8ca0f 10 to Zen – Artist Sanctuary Retreat (10 days in Bali) | 10 days of Zen Mastery

For more detailed information on services, email to request a consultation and literature including detailed descriptions + testimonials from clients.

*M – Mental, E – Emotional, P – Physical, S – Spiritual