Soul Sessions

At my first soul sessions, I felt goosebumps all over my body.  All I kept thinking was, this is amazing.  This is a gem.  We gotta tell the world.” – Amber L.

The best underground art show in Boston.” – Ed

A collaborative artistic creation and production that is truly exceptional in its organization in practice and its implications for social uplift.” – Kwe

Nothing else in my life gives me this type of humbling and gripping inspiration.” – Alshane, lyricist, wordsmith

The feeling of being accepted as soon as you walk in the door is unlike any other place.” – Brian, Urbanity Dance

Why should people come to Soul Sessions? WHY NOT?!” – Madison

I love attending Soul-Sessions as it is warm and intimate for all to explore and evolve their skills in an encouraging environment.” – Sean M.

Soul Sessions allows me to explore my voice as a performer and to encourage others as well.” – Kramer G.

I’ll keep coming back forever and ever.” – Aleia, Award winning poet

Soul Sessions xxvii Where’s Walt photo by Lumyr Desirer