Movement lab is the best exercise class because we do vigorous stuff, relaxing stuff, stretching stuff – but all feel like fun and game instead of work. – Emily

“Her sense of musicality, dynamics and artistry brought our performances to a new level.  Because she takes such pride in what she does she pays careful attention to bringing out the best in each dancer.” – Laura Faria Sciortino, Artistic Director of Turning Pointe Dance Studio

Chien is a healer of a different league. Through her endless knowledge and years of experience,  she is able to read bodies in a very special way. She has lovingly and gracefully guided me through a process of reinhabiting my body and liberating parts of myself that were blocked by plain and trauma. I have never met someone who could tell me so much about myself just by watching me breathe. She is powerful, intuitive, patient and compassionate. I believe we all need a guide like this at some point in our lifetime. – Sila A.

WARNING: after Chienhwes class you are newborn and YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH YOGA; becoming flexible is just a side affect! – Linda H.

“At my first soul sessions, I felt goosebumps all over my body.  All I kept thinking was, this is amazing.  This is a gem.  We gotta tell the world.” – Amber, Emerson 2015

‘Over the past 10 years, I have taken many yoga classes and have had diverse learning experiences, many of them mediocre and a few of them great.  Chienhwe stands out as one of the best teachers I’ve practiced with, and has inspired me to stay with Yoga.  I would recommend her as a teacher in group classes or private sessions, to anyone looking for a great workout, a strengthened self-image and even deep transformation.  I wish I could take a class with her tomorrow.” – Shaun S

“An energetic, motivating, creative, playful and inspirational teacher.” -Island Dance of Hong Kong