I’ve been blessed to work with countless students and clients of varying age ranges and needs using a wide-ranging roster of disciplines.  The thing that inspires me time and time again is the chance to hold space for growth, to facilitate deep transformation and to witness profound growth.  Here are some of the things students/clients have said about the work.

from yoga clients

  • “When I first took one of Carol’s classes, I was heart broken.  I needed some serious self love and confidence.  The transformation of my emotions from the start of class to walking out of the studio were unbelievable!  I felt strong and self assured, yoga makes me feel confident and peaceful.  I immediately noticed Carol’s class specifically did more for me than the other classes I was attending at the time. And after some private classes I continued to feel better and better in many ways.  The physical results  (I immediately noticed my core muscles get tighter and stronger after 2 classes) are a bonus to the amazing mind and heart healing powers of Carol’s classes.  Carol has taught me how important and life changing connecting to my breath is and I am so very thankful for her!!” – Michellle Tusini, student
  • “WARNING: after Carol’s class you are newborn and YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH YOGA; becoming flexible is just a side affect!  It only took one class with Carol to understand I am now on journey toward enlightenment.  For me this all revolves around “self love.”  Now, with Carol’s guidance, I  feel a deeper connection with my source of love that  could only come from within and feel a deeper love for others as well as my self also, accepting the truth.  I felt so good after taking one yoga class with Carol I immediately signed up for Yoga 101. There was such a wonderful connection with Carol, she is more than a yoga instructor or friend but an Angel with a wonderful gift…..She has to be, after all it’s like stepping off a cloud after she works with you!” – Linda Holt age 41
  • “I have been working with the Yoga 101 program with Carol and it’s really been a magical experience for me.  We talk, we breathe, we do yoga and I am able to go to places I’ve never been before with 10 years of therapy.  Carol creates such a safe and loving space for me so that I’ve been able to some really wonderful healing and have grown so much in such a short amount of time.  I look forward to our next visit to see what other miracles await me!!! Thank you Carol.” – Kerri Pearlman, Yoga 101
  • “When I came in for my consultation with Carol the tension in my neck and shoulders was probably visible. She sat me down, asked me what I wanted to get from yoga and what areas I wanted to focus on, and immediately started me in on the appropriate stretches and poses. Within minutes, I felt my entire body relax. I left the class feeling calm, peaceful and grounded. It took me 3 years after buying a yoga mat to actually use it, and after 1 class with Carol, I’m hooked.” – Alyssa, new to yoga
  • “I am so excited to have met Carol and I loved her class. I was transformed by the power of my breath and movement and connection to both. I felt light and strong after class. I have no tension in my body now today and my mind feels centered and clear today. I love breathing now. I am looking forward to working in the 101 for yoga that starts next week for me. I am a Carol fan now. I really like Carol. She has the perfect balance of softness and strength as a teacher for me and I can listen to her voice naturally. I appreciate her overall style and way of teaching.   Namaste!” – Suzanne Hickey-Massage Therapist
  • “I just had my first private session for the new Yoga 101 with Carol and I feel AMAZING. I am a 42 yr old single mom of a 4.5 and a 3 yr old. I dont have a lot of me time and wanted to get back to healthy. This was without question the BEST thing I could have ever done for myself and my children. The value of a healthy body mind and spirit is priceless. Thank you Carol and I am so looking forward to a “lighter me”.” –  Jenn Connors-Hanoian, Yoga 101 client
  • “Over the past 10 years, I have taken many yoga classes and have had diverse learning experiences, many of them mediocre and a few of them great.  Carol Hong stands out as one of the best teachers I’ve practiced with, and has inspired me to stay with Yoga.  I would recommend her as a teacher in group classes or private sessions, to anyone looking for a great workout, a strengthened self-image and even deep transformation.  I wish I could take a class with her tomorrow.” – Shaun Sellers, private client
  • “In working with individual students, Carol listens carefully to find out what their unique concerns and goals are.  And Carol has an innate “body sense” that non-verbally tunes into each person’s needs.  With the lovely combination of professionalism, deep listening, and gentle humor, Carol addresses questions and gently guides bodies into correct alignment.  As a teacher, I admire Carol’s ability to keep the class moving at a pace appropriate to the style of yoga.  Her grace, confidence, experience and sense of calm radiate and she has gained a dedicated group of followers.” – Crickett Warner, colleague”
  • “So thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Carol’s yoga classes. Have taken yoga before in various settings: on the beach, in a pool, and in studios but the breathing techniques she introduces  make Carol’s classes unique.  It made all the difference for me. It is amazing how it not only focused me but also was incredibly relaxing. With a very long daily commute, I’ve been able to relieve the stress and frustration of driving with her calming  breathing techniques.   Carol’s soothing voice and quiet but authoritative manner in which she instructs are very encouraging.  At the beginning of every class Carol asks how we want to feel when the class is ended. Whether I chose to feel calm, peaceful, energized or happy, it always worked!.”  – Donna, student
  • “Our library yoga sessions with Carol were a wonderful break in our busy work routine.  The most important thing Carol taught us was to breath consciously and slowly which in turn slows the pace of our actions and our thoughts. Case in point – I just returned from a vacation camping on Cape Breton. If you have traveled there, you know the roads are very twisty and steep. Carol’s breathing technique helped to quiet my fear as we climbed higher and dipped further than I have ever been before.” – Lynne Carreiro,  Meditation and Yoga Student

from Movement Lab students

  • Movement lab is the best exercise class because we do vigorous stuff, relaxing stuff, stretching stuff – but all feel like fun and game instead of work. – Emily
  • Movement lab has been an amazing new experience for me.  I have never had the opportunity to focus on my own body and my own energy, and move through listening and expressing.  Chien-Hwe is a supportive and welcoming teacher and leader, and she guides that level of honesty out of me in ways that other teachers would not, allowing me to be comfortable with this new exploration.  As a result of working with Chien-Hwe, I think I am growing as a dancer and challenging myself in new ways.  This would not have happened without her and without Movement Lab.  So yes, I think this is a class that should always be available and easily-accessible to dancers of all backgrounds and intentions, so that people can come together and learn about themselves and about movement in the same way.  There’s an interaction and a journey in the studio that doesn’t happen in many moments of our day-to-day lives! – Molly Schwartz
  • I am 100% supportive of this opportunity, and would be a regular participant [schedule permitting]. I’ve found it’s hard to find improv opportunities that get dancers to “that place”, and Chien Hwe, your teaching does this for me more easily than any other improv instruction I’ve experienced!  – Katherine Anderson
  • I have taken several theater and movement improvisation classes and I can say that Chien-Hwe’s Movement Lab classes are unique.  Chien-Hwe has the ability to adjust to the level of each student taking the class and to develop a valuable experience for everyone in the class.  Movement Lab also incorporates three elements – freedom of movements, introspection of the inner body and its impulses to move and space awareness – that are critical to dancers, performers and human beings evolving in current society. I would gladly take this class again and it would be better if the class were in the evening.  – Mae Paillet

from soul sessions

  • “I’ll keep coming back forever and ever.” – Aleia
  • “Nothing else in my life gives me this type of humbling and gripping inspiration.” – Alshane
  • “At my first soul sessions, I felt goosebumps all over my body.  All I kept thinking was, this is amazing.  This is a gem.  We gotta tell the world.” – Amber
  • “The feeling of being accepted as soon as you walk in the door is unlike any other place.” – Brian

from dance studentsChienhwe-funkjam

  • “Full of wild, pure WILD joy.” –Katerine
  • “An energetic, motivating, creative, playful and inspirational teacher.” – Jerry
  • “You really opened my eyes to another side of dance.” – Emma
  • “You let us go crazy, you let us show our individuality.” – Trisha
  • “Your choreography was truly unique and amazing.” – Jess
  • “You were one of the most helpful and caring teachers we’ve ever had.”  – Jessica
  • “You taught us how to get out of our comfort zone!”  – Disha
  • “Thank you for spending extra time helping me find confidence!” – Cassie

from colleagues

  • “Her sense of musicality, dynamics and artistry brought our performances to a new level.  Because she takes such pride in what she does she pays careful attention to bringing out the best in each dancer.” – Laura Faria Sciortino, Artistic Director of Turning Pointe Dance Studio
  • “Ms. Hong performed splendidly as a choreographer and as a teacher for the 2009 Falmouth Academy production of “The Madwoman of Chaillot.”  She was competent, creative and efficiently and gracefully taught the young actors with her expert, kind and patient instructions.  We are fortunate to have so talented and creative an artist and teacher in our community.” – Jacek Zuzanski, Falmouth Academy Art Department
  • “Carol is a talented and sincere girl who puts great effort into her work.  The teachers and students from the various schools she has worked with all love her cheerful and energetic personality.  I am sure you will have a pleasant time working with her.  She is very easy going, builds good relationships with her colleagues and we have all learned very much from her.” – Yeung Siu Yau, Theatre-Noir, Hong Kong