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Thunder Moon is a one woman dance tribute honoring the divine feminine. Watch this 4 part moving meditation unfold in a sacred, protected temple space at Boston’s Modern Mystery School.

The Beginning
“There was light, but before that there was darkness.”
The Burning
“We are the children of the witches who survived.”
The Burial
“They tried to bury us; they didn’t know we were seeds.”
The Birth
“No mud; no lotus.”

Thunder Moon explores personal and universal aspects of the Goddess, the Great Mother trespassed, girl power on the rise and the inherent, irresistible goodness of the divine feminine spirit that lives within and around each and everyone of us.
Chienhwe is a Taiwanese born, New York City trained, Boston-based dancer, yoga teacher and intuitive healer. An internationally known performer and teacher, Chienhwe offers a private training platform for individuals to incorporate pranayama, meditation, movement, martial arts and dance disciplines to embody and integrate the mind, body and heart with spirit to align with divine expression. You can catch Chienhwe on other Boston stages dancing with The Pillow Men ( and Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment. Check out for more information on performances and services. To learn more about the mystery school go to


Photo by Rod Harris Photography

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April 8th @ 8pm | Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment – Buy tickets for TRANSPARENT

April 20th @ 8pm | The Pillow Men – the official debut – Buy tickets for The Pillow Men

April 21st @ 8pm | The Pillow Men – Buy tickets for The Pillow Men



Transparent – SAT 4/8 @ Warehouse XI

Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment does it again with its melting pot of live musicians, dancers, poets, singers, painters, projectors, lighting designers and more that come together to make work for you to watch and/or participate in.

Tabula Rasa is an open experiment in improvisational performance at a spacious but welcoming warehouse in Union Square, Somerville called Warehouse XI. Located right behind Journeyman restaurant in the alley between the Independent and Bronwyn’s restaurants, Warehouse XI is a recently converted warehouse with a rough hewn quality and inspiring size in a city and square typically crunched for space. In Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiments, artists enter the stage-lit space without preconceptions or plans and perform pieces as they are created, in real time. They feed off one another and create moments that are both strange and universal. Musicians in the audience are invited to bring their instruments, dancers their jazz shoes, photographers their cameras and artists their sketchbooks, and all are invited to join in the performance during the second half of the show. 

Buy tickets for TRANSPARENT


From Apocalypso – Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment January 2017

The Pillow Men | the official debut

The Pillow Men are back to entrance you into the world of dreams. The official debut lands at Oberon in the heart of Cambridge, the cultural district on…

THURS 4/20 @ 8pm, FRI 4/21 @ 8pm for tix link coming soon

time to dance

1/14 Tabula Rasa was a smashing, magical success. Many thanks.
4/20, 4/21 The Pillow Men at Oberon | Buy tix @
11/1-11/11 Indonesia Retreat | Retreat, Make Art, Explore (Ubud, Bali) – dates subject to change



Tabula Rasa | Apocalypso 1/14 @ 8pm

Tabula Rasa Multidisciplinary Experiment, with help from the Somerville Arts Council and generous support by Warehouse XI, presents APOCALYPSO! – a beautifully lit night of improvisatory performance and all out party, an Apollonian procession in honor of our last president, and a Dionysian girding of the loins for the next.

Bound by inescapably moving music by Boston Jazz greats (Stan Strickland, Syd Smart, Giuseppe Paradiso, Bob Toade, Gabriela Martina, Scott Getchell, and on and on), we dancers (Callie Chapman, Catherine Musinsky, Aaron Brando, Ben Korta, Chien Hwe, Lani Nahele, Karen Klein, and on and on), artists (Tamar Ettingen, and friends) and YOU, performance lovers will forge a bond to bring us through whatever the world has in store for us.

Together, we can– dance, sing, listen, sting, bring it on and enter a common realm where music, movement, poetry and one another matter for a fleeting but memorable evening..

Live musicians, live dancers, live painting, projections, audience participation at will and magic, magic, magic. This is a hidden gem, and art making at its finest. Catherine Musinsky has hosted these experiments (performances) at Warehouse XI for the last few years — it’s something you don’t want to miss out on!

This is a hidden gem, everyone. Check it out here – Tabula Rasa | Apocalypso FB invite

Medicine Wheel & Moon 12/1 @ 9:30pm at Cyclorama (Boston Center for the Arts)

As an ambassador of the moon, I have dedicated my next creative dance theater project to the creation of the moon and her powerful energies and influences in history and present day life.


Join me and dancer Wendy Jehlen in a sneak peek to this piece at a 24hr vigil presented at Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts on Thursday, December 1st.  We will present 20-30 minutes of this piece at 9:30pm.  Free admission.  Come explore “what life would be like without art?”


Artists Retreat in Indonesia

For those of you who don’t know, I recently returned from a self-marriage retreat in Ubud, Indonesia (as well as Gili Air Island, Indonesia).  But this post isn’t about that. It’s about the fact that I was invited back to lead a retreat and hopefully present and perform, given that I have the right group.  This is where you come in: come with me!

Rough details are as follows: 10 days in between hipster city village Ubud and sacred village farm lands at a new yoga studio in the middle of rice crop villages. Includes transportation from airport and all around the island (within reason), daily meals, classes and private sessions with me, exploring and more.

Rough dates: as early as late spring 2017, as late as early winter 2017.

COME WITH ME. Sign up to follow the blog site for more upcoming news.

Tagallalung, Bali, Indonesia


Open classes in November

And we are back! Come move with me in this short series of movement exploration that combines yummy floor work, martial arts game, and the love of movement.

Tuesdays NOV 15th, 22nd, 29th @ 6 – 7:30pm Studio 1 at Dance Complex (536 Mass Ave, Central Square)

The Pillow Men @ The Rockwell 10/27 @ 8pm



A month from today will be our third full theatrical performance at The Rockwell Theatre in Davis Square on Thursday October 27th. Our full performance features original music with live vocals, a full light show, projected videos and animations, abstract theatrical skits including a dancer and a newly added character.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Purchase your advance tickets here! Not only will there be many new aspects of the show debuted that night, but The Pillow Men finally have music for you all! The first of five EPs will be available at this performance. Make sure to get your copy of our first ever EP RELEASE!

Follow and Stay Tuned:

We will be reaching out to you regularly with updates on tickets, performances, and media spotlights. Follow The Pillow Men on Facebook and Instagram @thepillowmen. Thanks again for all your support, and remember…
…it’s only a dream…
Cast – Dan Barrechnea, Ian Hayes, Tyler Kent, Kramer Gibson, Steve Harding
Dancer – Chienhwe
Human Character – Alex Hayes

SSXXXVII UNITY IS HERE 8/27 @ studio at 550

SATURDAY, August 27th @ 8pm – 11pm
Doors at 7:30pm
Studio at 550
Yes, that’s right, it’s the very first ever SATURDAY NIGHT SOUL!
For those of you who don’t know, soul sessions is a multi-disciplinary performance party where you’ll get your mind blown with some of Boston’s finest local talent. Each session has a theme and artists are welcome to share what they want. UNITY is a dedication to the world of dreamers, a world of one love, where leaders beget leaders and growth is our paradigm.
I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge each and every single artist that has graced the lights with their talents and grits.
Each session has truly embodied a magic of its own, whether small or large in audience size, holding space for artists to step into their own light and shine. The cultural revolution of soul could not have moved forward without this fine roster of wonderful talent:
The 1000 virtues ensemble
…..full list coming soon…..
Katerine Gagnon
Ashley Sabisch
Helen Penelope Manzella
Wendy Jehlen
Angie Conte
Alshane Williams
April Stanford
Holly Constant
Brian Mirage
Jacob Regan
Seán McDonnell
Kramer Gibson
Wisty Andres
Julien Heller
Pranav Shenoy
Rob McCall
Amber Joy Layne
Anya Smolnikova
Madison White
Aleia Gardner
Lipstick Criminals
Anna Snow
Sam Hammerman
Yosi Karahashi
Caitlin Gjerdrum
Ian Haze
Anicet Heller and The Hurdy Gurdy Man
and more – please tag yourself if I have somehow failed to remember your name!
As well as very fine featured and spotlight artists:
Lipstick Criminals
The Pillow Men
Gene Shinozaki
Nosy Mangabe
and more
And don’t forget our hosts over the years —
Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery & More
EMW Bookstore
Green Street Studios
Moving forward, I cordially invite you to the 37th session held at a super sweet new location –
Reasons why this session is special:
*Saturday night soul session is ON!
*Studio at 550 has access to a roof deck and star gazing – which means we will too!
*It’s the end of the summer. You know you need to roll out with your souls out.
*Soulebrate Soul Sessions’ third birthday party with this premiere at a new venue.
*Potlucks are amazing.
*August 27th is the day that I was born.
Chienhwe Carol Hong – I like to dance and stuff
Kramer Gibson delights us with musical charm
Madison White will help us reclaim divinity
Kate Boucher shares her impeccable word
Your name belongs here!
$15 general admission
$10 advanced ticket
$9 first time performers
$8 artists performing the theme
$7 soulaborations (artists collaborating)
$6 the soul collective fee (tsc members are artists who have attended 8 or more sessions)
$5 artists who bring 2 friends
RSVP to Studio 550 to purchase tickets OR click here to get passes :
RSVP to to get inside the lights
RSVP to confirm Potluck item!
Thank you again to everyone who has made this possible over the years!
#getinsidethelights #iexistlikethis #souled #studioat550 #soulsessions #unity

Soul Sessions xxxvii UNITY Facebook Link

Introducing Sacred Temple 

I’m really happy to announce that after a much needed hiatus from teaching, feeling drained and lacking clarity, I am resurfacing into the world feeling bright and clear about my purpose in the world.

With the help of a few unexpected catalysts, I have unified my experience, passion, purpose and love of conscious movement expression and spiritual disciplines into one entity called Sacred Temple.

It is a seed that was planted into my consciousness a few years ago, and much like bamboo, took a bit of time to incubate in its roots before making an appearance in the world.

Sacred Temple is the unified entity of my experience as a master teacher in movement and dance (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, The Ailey School/Fordham University), my studies in the martial and healing arts (Tai-Chi at the Beijing Institute of Technology Cultural Institute, Southern Shaolin Kung-fu from the USA Shaolin Temple, Om Yoga Center certified, Ana Forrest Teacher Training Foundation) and my passion for ancient wisdom and spirituality (Buddhism, Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Mystery School and more) as essential tools for awakening, growth and divine expression.

Training is in three tiers: Warrior Roots, Jedi Vessel and Ninja Lotus. Training includes the practice and mastery of chi (breath, spirit, life force, prana), understanding the body as both a vessel and instrument and conditioning the mind body spirit through intensive movement training into integrated expression, and ultimately into your divine artistry.

Training is private, highly focused on the individual and designed to meet you exactly where you are in order to move you forward. I’m really looking forward to working with my very first Sacred Temple student on his journey. If you’re a willing soul interested in taking this journey into your divine artistry, please feel free to message me for a mini introductory session.


GSS community show 

Super late notice – Green Street Community show tonight 7pm and 9:30pm. If you catch the 9:30pm show I’ll be experimenting with my good friend the grand piano and my body as instrument number two in a piece called Green Mountain River.

Dance Bio


My name is Chien­-Hwe and I am a Taiwanese ­American, New York trained, Boston­ based dancer, teacher and choreographer. I got introduced to movement when my parents put me in tai­chi classes at the young age of 3, then fell in love with dancing after my very first ballet class with Irene Merrill when I was 7.

Several local Nutcrackers later, I was then accepted into the Ailey School Summer Intensive for another 2 summers. I trained with Denise Vale, former principal dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company, who told me I had something fierce inside of me.  I then decided to follow my heart to New York City where I studied full time at The Ailey School while getting a bachelor’s degree from Fordham University. I was invited to dance as a student for three City Center seasons with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater  where I met Judith Jamison who told me of a “beautiful movement quality.”  Los Angeles lured me into the off Broadway theater scene when I was invited to choreograph and perform in the premiere of “Chinese Men Don’t Boogie.”

I began to expand my wings when I studied a martial arts, found freedom at Bates Dance Festival with Kathleen Hermesdorf, discovered my core with the Joseph Pilates legacy, then performed as a soloist in all of the repertory for the AFSD (Ailey/Fordham Student Dancers) with renowned modern dance pioneers (Avila/Weeks, Kevin Wynn/The Collection, Ronald K. Brown, Francesca Harper, Paul Taylor, Alvin Ailey and more). Being 1 of 11 invited into Alonzo King/LINES Ballet’s professional intensive allowed me the freedom to express my innate impulses which has completely grounded me as a dancer. And having the chance to work with Francesca Harper gave me permission to own the movement and unleash my unique voice.

I have always loved teaching ever since I began when I was 14, and continued to share what I had learned at The Ailey School as a young adult immersed in the dance scene of New York City. I deepened my love of teaching and making dances at each school at which I taught with each age group and style in each city I traveled; it still feels great to know that I am sharing something that can only create goodness in ourselves, in each other and in the world. Yoga finally caught my inner eye so I completed my first yoga certification from OM Yoga Center of New York where I immersed my mind into stillness/meditation and the practices of Tibetan Buddhism. I then studied again with Ana Forrest in Hong Kong at her Teacher Training Foundation Course. Ana gave me permission to give myself permission to experience a sacred connection to my inner truth. No joke.

Upon arriving in Boston after a quick love affair with So You Think You Can Dance’s Top 100, I was invited by Bessie award winning Philip Hamilton/Voices to collaborate in several private concerts, performed at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Harvard University, Museum of Fine Arts, Somerville Theatre while teaching original dance styles and master classes at Boston University and beyond in the Greater Boston area.  Invited to dance with projects and companies like Anikaya Dance Theatre, Bring us Your Women, The Broken Consort, The Pillow Men, Danza Organica and more, I am a vessel of expression for the task before me.


Yoga 101 testimonials

from yoga clients


  • “When I first took one of Carol’s classes, I was heart broken.  I needed some serious self love and confidence.  The transformation of my emotions from the start of class to walking out of the studio were unbelievable!  I felt strong and self assured, yoga makes me feel confident and peaceful.  I immediately noticed Carol’s class specifically did more for me than the other classes I was attending at the time. And after some private classes I continued to feel better and better in many ways.  The physical results  (I immediately noticed my core muscles get tighter and stronger after 2 classes) are a BONUS to the amazing mind and heart healing powers of Carol’s classes.  Carol has taught me how important and life changing connecting to my breath is and I am so very thankful for her!!” – Michellle Tusini, student
  • “WARNING: after Carol’s class you are newborn and YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH YOGA; becoming flexible is just a side affect!  It only took one class with Carol to understand I am now on journey toward enlightenment.  For me this all revolves around “self love.”  Now, with Carol’s guidance, I  feel a deeper connection with my source of love that  could only come from within and feel a deeper love for others as well as my self also, accepting the truth.  I felt so good after taking one yoga class with Carol I immediately signed up for Yoga 101. There was such a wonderful connection with Carol, she is more than a yoga instructor or friend but an Angel with a wonderful gift…..She has to be, after all it’s like stepping off a cloud after she works with you!” – Linda Holt age 41
  • “I have been working with the Yoga 101 program with Carol and it’s really been a magical experience for me.  We talk, we breathe, we do yoga and I am able to go to places I’ve never been before with 10 years of therapy.  Carol creates such a safe and loving space for me so that I’ve been able to some really wonderful healing and have grown so much in such a short amount of time.  I look forward to our next visit to see what other miracles await me!!! Thank you Carol.” – Kerri Pearlman, Yoga 101
  • “When I came in for my consultation with Carol the tension in my neck and shoulders was probably visible. She sat me down, asked me what I wanted to get from yoga and what areas I wanted to focus on, and immediately started me in on the appropriate stretches and poses. Within minutes, I felt my entire body relax. I left the class feeling calm, peaceful and grounded. It took me 3 years after buying a yoga mat to actually use it, and after 1 class with Carol, I’m hooked.” – Alyssa, new to yoga

Artemis at Dawn


The second movement of my new piano composition reminds me of a midnight hike to the top of Mount Monadnock just at sunrise, inspired by Artemis, a guardian of the moon, a huntress, a protector, a tomboy and a Goddess, who reminds me to always cherish nature and to never take the inherent majestic beauty of this planet for granted.